Timothy Ferris Timeline

1944 Born August 29, Miami, Florida
1956 Acquires first telescope, observes opposition of Mars
1959 Founds Key Biscayne Astronomical Association; edits its journal
1960 Takes photo of Echo I satellite published in newspapers worldwide
1962 Graduates from Coral Gables High School
1966 Graduates from Northwestern University
1966-67 Attends Northwestern University Law School
1967-69 General assignment reporter, United Press International, New York City
1969-71 Reporter and feature writer, New York Post; Society of Silurians award for "The Twins: A Story of Addiction"
1972-73 New York City bureau chief, Rolling Stone magazine
1973-80 Contributing editor, Rolling Stone
1974-82 Professor of English, Brooklyn College, City University of New York
1977 The Red Limit; American Institute of Physics Prize
1977 Produces Voyager phonograph record, launched aboard the twin Voyager interstellar spacecraft
1978 Murmurs of Earth: The Voyager Interstellar Record, with Carl Sagan et. al.
1978 Aviation/Space Writers Association award for "The Odyssey and the Ecstasy: The Vikings' Search for Life on Mars," in Rolling Stone
1980 Galaxies; National Book Award nominee
1980-82 Columnist, Science Digest magazine
1981-86 Commentator, National Public Radio’s "All Things Considered"
1982-86 Professor of journalism, University of Southern California; also teaches honors courses in history and philosophy
1983 Teaches science writing seminar, California Institute of Technology
1983 American Association for the Advancement of Science writing award for "Beyond Newton and Einstein" in The New York Times Magazine
1983 Lecture tour, "Galaxies and Mind," U.S. and China
1984 Lecture tour, "Natural Beauty on the Cosmological Scale," U.S. and Canada
1984 SpaceShots, Pantheon Books
1984 Publishes 100th article, "Mind Over Matter: The Singular Stephen Hawking," Vanity Fair, June, 1984
1985 Writes and narrates ninety-minute PBS special "THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE"; American Association for the Advancement of Science writing award in broadcasting
1985 Marries Carolyn Zecca, San Francisco
1986-present Professor, Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley; also teaches astronomy and English
1986 Son, Isaac Patrick Thomas Ferris, born
1986 Moderates "The Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War," panel discussion, University of Southern California
1986 Finalist, NASA Journalist in Space program; program suspended with Challenger crash
1986 Dorothea Klumpke Roberts Prize for lifetime contribution to public understanding of astronomy
1986-87 Guggenheim Fellowship
1987 Moderates "Understanding the Superconducting Super Collider and its Role in Particle Physics," with panelists Glenn Seaborg, Robert Schrieffer, Martin Perl, Alvin Trivelpiece, et al, UC Berkeley
1987 Writes, narrates, and directs "Galaxies," internationally syndicated planetarium program
1988 The Practice of Journalism, with Bruce Porter
1988 Coming of Age in the Milky Way; awarded American Association of Physics Prize, Pulitzer Prize nomination, named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times, the Boston Globe, Newsday, and the Los Angeles Times, honored by The New York Public Library as "a lasting contribution to literature"
1989 Moderates "Global Warming" panel, UC Berkeley
1989-93 Writes and narrates MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour TV segments on supernovae, particle physics, space exploration, and the Voyager mission to Neptune
1990-91 Directs "Twenty-First Century Biotechnology," lecture series, UC Berkeley
1991 Editor, World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics, Little, Brown
1991 "Words on Things," panel discussion with Stephen Jay Gould, James Gleick, William McKibben and Richard Rhodes, SUNY Albany
1991 Talk, "Evolution of Interstellar Communications Systems," Nobel Conference XXVII, Gustavus Adolphus College
1991 Lecture tour, "Interstellar Communications," the Netherlands
1992 Talk, "The Status of Big Bang Theory After the COBE Anisotropy Observation," University of Wisconsin, Madison
1992 "The Concept of the Frame in Art and Quantum Mechanics," San Francisco Art Institute
1992 "The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth," Commonwealth Club, San Francisco
1992 The Mind's Sky: Human Intelligence in a Cosmic Context; named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times
1992-94 Essayist, The MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour
1992 The Universe and Eye, with illustrations by Ingram Pinn
1992 Scholar in Residence, Institute for Science, Engineering and Public Policy, Portland, Oregon
1992 Forward to Donald Kaufman and Taffy Dahl’s Color
1993 Reading, "An Evening With Timothy Ferris," Manhattan Theater Club, New York
1993 "The Concept of Limits in Art and Physics," American Institute of Architects, Monterey, California
1993 Builds Rocky Hill Observatory on Sonoma Mountain, California
1993 Debates Brian Appleyard on "Has Science Gone Too Far?" YMHA, New York, and live on CNN
1993 "Universe and Eye," Parliament of the World's Religions, Chicago
1994 "Walkabouts and Spaceflight," National Geographic Society, Washington DC
1994-98 Multimedia critic, Scientific American magazine
1996 Serves on NASA panel on twenty-year goals in space science
1996 "Astrophysics and the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory," National Air & Space Museum, Washington DC
1997 Lecture tour, "The State of the Universe," seven American cities
1997 The Whole Shebang: A State-of-the-Universe(s) Report; named by American Scientist magazine as one of the "100 Books That Shaped a Century of Science"
1997 Commentator, MS-NBC-TV’s "The Site"
1997 "Visions of the Universe," a conversation with Michael Krasny, Sun Valley Writers’ Conference
1997 "Cosmological Quantities," Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, University of California, Berkeley
1998-2001 Serves on NASA Near-Earth Object Office Steering Committee
1999 Writes and narrates two-hour PBS special "LIFE BEYOND EARTH"
1999 "Science: A Stone Thrown in a Placid Pond," Harvard University
1999 Foreword to David Malin’s The Invisible Universe
1999 Introduction to The Scientific American Book of Astronomy
1999-2000 Named a CNN "Voice of the Millennium"
2000 Upgrades Rocky Hill Observatory for robotic imaging
2000 "Origin and Evolution of Extraterrestrial Life," Department of Physics, National University of Vietnam, Hanoi
2000 "Timothy Ferris, in Conversation With Michael Malone," City Arts & Lectures, San Francisco
2000 "Quantum Nonlocality," Stanford University
2000 "On the Popularization of Science," California Institute of Technology
2001 Editor, Best American Science Writing 2001, Harper Collins
2001 Introduction to Neil Folberg’s Celestial Nights
2001 Life Beyond Earth, Simon & Schuster
2002 Master of ceremonies, banquet honoring John Archibald Wheeler, Princeton
2002 Introduction to Hunter S. Thompson’s Kingdom of Fear
2002 Connecticut Forum panel discussion, "Scientific Journey," with E. O. Wilson, Oliver Sachs, and Sylvia Earle
2002 Lecture tour, "Seeing in the Dark," fourteen American cities
2002 The Future of Spacetime, with Stephen W. Hawking, Kip S. Thorne, Igor Novikov, and Alan Lightman
2002 Seeing in the Dark; named by The New York Times one of the seven best books of the year
2003 Seeing in the Dark wins PEN Center USA Literary Award for research nonfiction
2003 Publishes 200th article, "A New Pathway to the Stars," The New York Times Op-Ed page, Sunday, December 21, 2003
2004 Named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
2007 "Hawking Radiation and the Arrow of Time," University of California, Berkeley
2008 Writes and narrates one-hour PBS special "SEEING IN THE DARK"
2010 The Science of Liberty, HarperCollins
2010 "The Science of Liberty," Carnegie Council, Commonwealth Club, Cato Institute, Smithsonian Associates, National Academy of Sciences
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