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Ferris has made three documentary films, all of which premiered in prime time on PBS—The Creation of the UniverseLife Beyond Earth, and Seeing in the Dark.
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Life Beyond Earth
“A powerful film. With an elegance and economy of language, Ferris manages to cover a sweeping range of science in two hours while probing some of the deepest questions humans have ever asked.”
Robert Naeye, Astronomy
“An inviting, well-rounded look at the research and sociology of how we came to be.”
Stuart Goldman, Sky & Telescope
“Admirers of this science writer’s 1985 film, The Creation of the Universe, should again be engaged by the sweep of his argument, which draws on everything from astrophysics to microbiology to science fiction, and by the visual inventiveness that his producers have brought to their evocations of planets and galaxies, volcanoes and ice-bound wastes.”
Walter Goodman, The New York Times
Seeing In The Dark: Shop PBS
Creation of the Universe
“A television masterpiece.”
Science 85
“An inspiring show.”
“A daring, dazzling voyage across the universe.”
The New York Daily News
“Ferris, writer and host of this special, has deftly managed to make The Creation of the Universe both informative and richly entertaining.”
The Chicago Sun-Times
“Everything about the program is remarkable and new.”
“Ferris makes a normally dry subject come to life. This program, itself, is quite a creation.”
“Undoubtedly the best TV effort to convey the excitement and the meaning of this grand attempt to understand the universe.”
The Chicago Tribune
Seeing In The Dark: Shop PBS
Seeing In The Dark
“A rhapsodic sight-and-sound odyssey into the night sky.”
Frazier Moore, Associated Press
“The high-definition astrophotography looks like something out of Star Wars. Who remembered that our real universe could look that way, too?”
Joshua Zumbrun, The Washington Post
“A charming love letter to the backyard astronomer in all of us: Grade A!”
Gloria Goodale, Christian Science Monitor
“This is not your standard one-dimensional, expository science documentary. Seeing in the Dark is more like a reality show from inside a love affair.”
Dave Brody,
“Terrific! Accompanied by music from Mark Knopfler and Guy Fletcher, this special is beautifully photographed and paced—like a night out under the stars.”
Frank Roylance, The Baltimore Sun
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